Metzad is  a vibrant community. During the year, the community Brings together many activities for all residents: children, youth and adults.
The Culture Committee and Education Committee  are working in cooperation with the youth.

Here are some of the activities that take place inside the settelment every year:

All settlement activity (taking place mainly during holidays);
Purim- party for youth and adults in the evening of Purim, and Purim traditional Christmas morning (if weather allows).
Lag B’Omer barbecue accompanied by music
Kiddush Khiltiim- are held several times a year to all residents of the community.
Saudi women of different ages is held once a month for women operated in the community.

Activities for preschoolers:
“Summer fresh garden Hanan” – every summer on Tuesdays at 16:30 is held constant creative activities designed for children aged community kindergarten to third grade. Activity is transferred voluntarily by parents.

Informal activities:
The community runs a youth club regularly.

During summer youth activity coordinator and another coordinator variety of activities for graduates of sixth through twelfth grades are divided into two age groups. Among the activities you can find fun activities, tours, trips, volunteering different lender queen, Beit Midrash and more.

All activities are subsidized by the Secretariat of the settlement.

Many different activities taking place during the year: adult lectures, tours and excursions, performances and activities for children, activities “young at heart” people 60 and older, active young couples until the age of 30 and more.