How to Have a community youth center designed to meet the needs of boys at Yeshiva.

Elections are held once a year, whose job Youth Leadership initiate and organize activities for all community youth.

Youth leader guide accompanies youth coordinator works under the guidance and supervision of the Gush Etzion Community Center.

Shunt youth volunteers in various fields around the block.

During the summer vacation is turned inside summer cruiser designed for adults in a variety of fun activities, tours and excursions and various volunteering activities.

Youth Coordinator: Hillel Matlin.
Fathers and Sons

Fathers and sons Branch shunt is a separate branch which provides solutions for children from first grade to the end of a small area.

Training staff running the campers each day and Saturday in the values of the Torah and work, and a sense of involvement and responsibility for all individuals.

How do I turn members annually and employ community Adloyada array of mentors for children in need in the community.