Procedure for Absorption in Metzad

Metzad Community opens its doors to families who want to live in a warm Haredi community.

Every family wants to live in Metzad between the rented apartment owned, should undergo absorption:

Below are details of absorption permanent resident (wild optional) Metzad community:

  •  Introductory meeting with members of the reception committee and filling out forms.
  •  Approval by the Commission for Integration
  •  Signing a contract with a contractor or a home owner.
  •  Set up a meeting with Secretary of opening a community resident.
  •  Free admission.
  •  Book listing members of the Association.

* This information is preliminary and general information only and not a substitute for information to be transmitted to an official community. In addition, the information can not derogate from the rights of the Association according to the law, a contract or a Resolution of the competent authorities Association. Society reserves the right to change any detail of the details released, without notice.

Names of members of the reception committee:

Moshe Ulaman
Moshe Katz
Mrs. Black
Mrs. Cubani
Yochanan Kleinman

For more information and contact you may contact the secretariat community.