Metzad (Asfar) is the ultra-Orthodox settlement near Hebron, in the Gush Etzion Regional Council, the seats belonging to the organization of Agudat Israel Workers.

Metzad is the southernmost settlement in Gush Etzion Regional Council, and is one of three Orthodox communities there.

The official name of the settlement is “Asfar”. The name Be’er Asfar, it parked Jonathan Schweppes, Simon Tarsus and John Lamb, brother of Judah Maccabee before resuming rebellion Seleucids, said: “The message that Jonathan and Simon his brother and all the people with whom he had fled to the wilderness of Tekoa and camped on who well tell” (Maccabees’ , I, v. Lag) which is associated with the nearby Khirbet Zafran (Antiquities XIII).

The settlement was established on Av (1984) Eastern Gush Etzion. By immigrants from the United States, Britain, South Africa and France, who Diaspora Yeshiva in Jerusalem. Settlement Aizrh Nahal settlement called “Infantry tell”, which was established a year ago therefore, in 1983.

Metzad currently hosts about sixty families. The area of the town is about -12 094 acres.

Lies in the community’s Yeshivat “Nahalat Yair”, headed by Rabbi Yitzhak Lupolianski (son of former Jerusalem Mayor Uri Lupolianski).

The settlement is located at at the entrance to a military base that controls all the eastern Gush Etzion.